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Managed Accounts

A Managed Account service with a difference

Managed Accounts are becoming integral to the Financial Planning business model, especially when considering the costs of resourcing and staffing the management of an end investors portfolio.

Our Managed Account Service (“FinEx MA”) is a Managed Discretionary Account that provides your clients with access to our direct investment model portfolios while removing the burden of managing the assets.

Sitting on a CHESS sponsored HIN, the discretion granted to FinEx by your end investor enables us to implement changes to their portfolio as and when changes are made to the particular model portfolios or strategy you select.

No need to obtain client consent every time we make a change, no need to issue a Record of Advice (RoA) every time a portfolio rebalances – the day-to-day monitoring and decision-making responsibilities associated with portfolio management are undertaken by the FinClear Execution Ltd (”FinEx”) expert staff.

HIN Sponsored – Transparent and transportable

CHESS sponsored, your end customers have direct access to their positions with full transparency. Having an individual HIN, investors have peace of mind as their assets are not held by a custodian nor are they co-mingled with others. It’s their HIN, their name, their investments.

Key Features

No MDA license required
Financial Planners and Wealth Managers need only be able to advise on Managed Investment Schemes. Assets are held in your client’s name on HIN

While your staff will have access to all portfolios, on-line access is available for your end client on request with a variety of reports that can be viewed, downloaded or printed.

Streamlined Rebalancing and Administration
As changes made to the Model Portfolios will be automatically rebalanced on your clients’ portfolios. No need to obtain client consent, no need to issue a Record of Advice (RoA).

Model Portfolio Management
FinEx offers a range of model portfolios as part of the Managed Portfolio offering. Investments can be made into a single model portfolio or a blend of portfolios

Corporate actions are managed in accordance with our research
FinEx will manage Corporate Actions when they occur, providing you with the advice as provided by Lonsec, our research provider and investment manager.

Investment mail-house
FinEx manages all share registry correspondence (e.g. dividend statements, elections and proxy forms)

Online access
You and your team are provided with a login to CLASS Supers’ platform, branded with your logo.

Contact us for more information about our Managed Accounts offering.